Pretty Picture
Angels in appliqué
Blessed in the centennial Mass, 1986

Turning our attention to the wall behind the reredos, we see a choir of 27 angels.

All are executed in appliqué, that is to say, they are painted on canvases, which are then glued or «applied» to the wall. The number 27 connotes the Trinity: 3x3x3= 27.

Above the angels are five additional appliqué medallions. The central one depicts the Holy Spirit as a dove. Cardinal virtues are represented by the other medallions: from left to right: Prudence, holding a mirror; Justice, holding a sword and a balance; Temperance, holding a bridle, and Fortitude, with a wooden beam.

All these appliqués were executed in the summer of 1950 by E. Richard Panzironi.

Set in the center of the chancel is the altar of sacrifice where Mass is celebrated. This altar is a relatively recent addition to the chancel and was blessed by Bishop Francis Mugavero on October 5, 1986 during the Parish’s Centennial Liturgy.

Designed by Yan Rieger of Long Island, it is crafted of rich, dark oak. The clustered bronze columns at the corners of this altar were cast from molds of the columns on the marble altar behind it. The two tables and all the brass candlesticks in the chancel are original designs of Mr. Houghton.