Pretty Picture
Suspended by chains from nave
The US and papal flags hold positions of honor

The lamps suspended by chains from the nave and transept vaults are two-storied lights of bronze and glass, hexagonal in section, and ornamented with fleurs-de-lis.

They were installed in the early 1940’s by the Rambusch firms, a company long distinguished for its work in ecclesiastical design.

From the grilled arches of the triforium are hung the parish flags, which add color to the cool gray of the interior.

They were first hung in 1986 for the Centennial of the Parish to celebrate the immigrant character of the community.

On the south side, in place of honor, is the American flag; the papal flag occupies a similar position on the north side.

The inclusion of the national flag in the church seems to be a peculiarly Anglo-American tradition; it is quite unknown, for instance, in most European countries.