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The Blessed Sacrament is reserved here

You are now standing before the Blessed Sacrament which, in recent years, has been reserved in the tabernacle of Saint Joseph’s Altar.

Although the founding Pastor was Irish and the community heavily Irish-American at the time of the parish’s founding, there are no Irish Saints nor any symbolism related to Ireland in the decoration of the Church.

Rather, in this English-inspired Gothic church, there are French motifs, most notably the fleurs de lis, seen on the wall behind the altar of Saint Joseph, also on top of the Baptistry gate to your right, and on the iron fence outside.

As you leave St. Joseph’s altar and approach the Baptistry gate to your right, please note the sculpture of Saint Anthony and, in the corner, the recently added shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe, as well as the statue of Juan Diego, a recent gift to the Parish from a devoted parishioner.