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Mary Altar
Appearing in glory to St. Dominic and bestowing on him the gift of the rosary - by Panzironi

The Mary altar is on the far side of the pulpit.

The focus in the deep alcove is an altar of Carrara and Siena marble with the reredos in the style of the main altar but simpler and on a smaller scale. The statue of Mary positioned above this altar shows her as the woman of the Book of Revelation, standing on a starry sphere with a crescent moon and the serpent beneath her feet.

The wall behind the altar is blue, the color usually associated with the Virgin Mary. To the left of this altar we find a window honoring St. Anne, the mother of the Virgin together with her daughter. This window is replete with flowers, which are emblems of Mary: a fleur-de-lis, roses, lily of the valley, Madonna lilies and marigolds. Bags of food are left weekly at this altar for distribution by the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

The great painting hanging to the left of the St. Anne window shows the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus appearing in glory to St. Dominic and bestowing on him the gift of the rosary. This work by Richard Panzironi was commissioned in 1960 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the parish Rosary Society.

Turning left to the far aisle wall, we find a memorial tablet honoring the founder and first pastor of St. Francis Xavier parish, Rt. Rev Monsignor David J. Hickey. He was the first (and only) priest in the history of the diocese who, having founded a parish, also celebrated its golden jubilee. The tablet was dedicated in 1937 from a «grateful community».