Great Stained Glass Window (Left): Tour Stage 7


The second great window on the left complements the other by depicting the death of St. Francis Xavier off the coast of China and his glorification in heaven.

Surrounding the Saint are Anthony, a Chinese convert who was St. Francis’ translator and Diego Vaz, a Portuguese merchant who befriended Francis.

Also included are several representations of the Saint’s work in the Orient.

Great Stained Glass Window (Right): Tour Stage 6


The spaces, which you see to the left and the right in the picture below, are called the transepts. They intersect the nave of the church and thus give the building its cruciform plan.

High on either side you see the two great St. Francis Xavier windows created by J. Morgan and Sons of Brooklyn and set in the magnificent five-light stone tracery designed by Houghton.

Nave: Tour Stage 5


The lamps suspended by chains from the nave and transept vaults are two-storied lights of bronze and glass, hexagonal in section, and ornamented with fleurs-de-lis.

They were installed in the early 1940’s by the Rambusch firms, a company long distinguished for its work in ecclesiastical design.

From the grilled arches of the triforium are hung the parish flags, which add color to the cool gray of the interior.

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