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New Date to be determined!

On Sunday, February ?? after the 9:30AM Mass, the Liturgy Committee is pleased to conduct our second Children's Tour of St. Francis Xavier Church. This year's tour will have a theme covering the sacraments that children receive; Baptism, Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation. Each sacrament will be presented in the order a child receives them, and in the appropriate section of the church where the sacrament is celebrated. The guides will provide brief explanations on what the sacrament represents, and on how each is celebrated, which will include some hands-on or visual experiences. The tour will be geared towards children in grades 2 through 6, but younger children are welcome with adult supervision. It will run approximately 40 minutes,  including time for questions at each step. Sign-in sheets will be in the vestibule for those who wish to participate.


Don't forget to view the online tour.