Parish Administration


Rev. William Rueger, Pastor
Rev. Mark J. Burke In Residence
S. Helene Conway, C.S.J., Pastoral Associate
Mrs. Dorothy Taylor, Principal, St. Francis Xavier School
Dr. Michael Kaminski, Director of Music Ministries
Brendan Maloney, Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Melinda Rankin, Coordinator of Youth Center

Parish Planning Council

Our motivating purpose is the development of our parish by more fully involving the parish members and the neighborhood in the life of our Catholic Christian Faith Community.

Specifically, the Council will:

  • Assess and prioritize the spiritual, educational, social and material needs of the parish and community.
  • Support or develop programs to minister to those needs.
  • Provide the necessary organizational structures and procedures for the implementation of programs and for the conduct of our temporal affairs.
  • Foster an open exchange of ideas among the members of the faith community and the parish leadership, including explaining the Council’s actions.
  • Communicate the vision and activities of St. Francis Xavier parish to the community-at-large and be a liaison to social, religious and business groups.

The Parish Pastoral Planning Council members serve on one of three committees: the Spirituality and Religious Formation Committee, the Community and Social Outreach Committee, and the Organization and Coordination Committee. The Spirituality and Religious Formation Committee concerns itself with the sacramental, liturgical, and ministerial aspects of our parish life. The Community and Social Outreach Committee concerns itself with the community-building, social outreach and social action aspects of our parish life. Finally, the Organization and Coordination Committee concerns itself with the structural, financial and organizational aspects of our parish life

Members 2017-2018

  • Noreen Axon
  • Ann Bell
  • Mary Curry
  • Jean Gaell
  • Frank Haberle
  • Tara Lindis
  • Alexandra MacDonnell
  • John Piccardi
  • Mary Thaman

Parish Trustees

Jim Konkel
Tom Santisi